Kingfisher Environmental

Kingfisher Environmental Services is regarded by many as the leading provider of Water Hygiene Services in the UK.

Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd’s principal field of activity is Water Hygiene and provides services across all market sectors specialist in the Leisure Industry – especially Local Authorities across the UK, and also for Clubs, Hotels and Education, and specialises in the management of water quality in commercial and industrial buildings throughout the UK.
Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd is the leading provider of water sampling in pools in the UK by a very long way, sampling over 2,130 pools every month throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. And Kingfisher Environmental Services is also one of the best providers of Legionella Services in the UK delivering water hygiene services to currently 1,589 customers and clients throughout the UK.

Kingfisher Environmental Services, approved by the Legionella Control Association and to ISO 9001 quality standard, advises customers on all types of water management issues whether on an individual project basis or as part of a continual management programme. In the last 16 years Kingfisher Environmental Services has also become one of the UK’s leading testers of swimming pools and spas, helping both private and public swimming pool operators achieve good water quality within their sites.

The strength and depth of technical expertise within the company is a reflection of the emphasis on staff training, and as such its customers have access to advice whenever they need it – whether on site or in the office. Wherever there are regulations or guidelines, Kingfisher Environmental Services will advise on how best to achieve compliance whilst bearing in mind commercial issues.

aboutussideimageAreas of expertise, include sampling at over 2,130 pools every month, we offer the full range of Water Hygiene service which includes:

Pool Water Sampling
· Swimming Pool and Spa Microbiological Sampling
· Water Chemistry
· Supply of Chemicals

Legionella Control
· Comprehensive Legionella Services, including Risk Assessments
· Remedial Works
· Legionella Water Sampling
· Domestic Water Sampling and Analysis
· Disinfection of Water Systems / Tank Cleaning
· Training – Legionella Awareness Training

Treatment of other Water Systems
· Cooling and Boiler Water Treatments
· Closed and Heating System Testing
· Cooling Tower Management

If you would like any further details about these services please contact Ian Lamaison:
Tel: 01920 871 700 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.