HSG - 179 - Health and Safety in Swimming Pools

This publication provides guidance for those who have any involvement with the operation and management of health and safety in swimming pools.
This edition has been reissued with amendments, among others, to:
    • clarify the competencies required by swimming teachers
    • clarify requirements relating to PPE and work in confined spaces; and to
    • clarify the requirements that all persons must be afforded training and instruction in chemical awareness
Paragraph 7 also identifies the organisations that it acknowledges as being expert in their own fields:
  • The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Code of Practice (www.pwtag.org);
  • The Swimming Pool Water Book (www.pwtag.org);PWTAG Technical notes (www.pwtag.org);
  • PWTAG Technical notes (www.pwtag.org);
  • The European Standard EN 13451 Swimming pool equipment (Parts 1–11);
  • Sport England Design Guidance Note for Swimming Pools  (www.sportengland.org);
  • Sport England Appendix 1: Pool Types and Technical Design Issues  (www.sportengland.org)