Health and Safety Executive Documents

The Health and Safety Executive issues guidance, in the form of Guidance Notes, which are usually referred to by their number, rather than the title! For instance, one of the more important Guidance Notes that all operators should have is “Health and Safety in Swimming Pools”, but it is usually referred to as “HSG179”

PWTAG Guidance Documents

PWTAG foremost publication is its handbook: Swimming Pool Water; Treatment and Quality Standards, but it also issues its Code of Practice and regular Technical Notes, and selection of these are included in this section. For the full list of publications, advice and information, please go to

Pool Technical Operating Documents and Templates

Every pool must work in accordance within its legal obligations as well as the industry’s best practice advice. Many of these all-encompassing statements and documents must then be adapted to become ‘site-specific’. In this section you will find several documents and templates that you can download and adapt to your own facility.