Training with PALM Academy

Training is a legal requirement, but holding any specific, technical qualifications, in our industry, isn’t. If training, therefore, is a requirement under the law; it is the employers responsibility to ensure that all staff are given training, information and supervision, in order to carry out their duties correctly, and safely.
“The Management of Health & Safety at Works Regs 1992, states that employers are to provide clear information and training to employees, in the findings of assessment of risks.”

Nevertheless, qualifications, are important for a number of reasons:-

  • A qualification to show that training has been given, and that a certain level of knowledge has been demonstrated.
  • Qualifications sit on people’s CV’s which is crucial to their career progression.
  • Most qualifications are transferable, meaning that if a candidate leaves her/his current employment, the qualification goes with them to their next employment.
  • Qualifications also act as an incentive to others who see people with them, and want to emulate them.

The technical operation of pool plant is significant to everybody’s job in a pool, but we all know that there are different pools, and therefore PALM Academy Ltd feels that training and qualification should be designed to meet the needs of that job.

As long as the training meets the industry recommendations, standards and guidance, then there are a number of places that people can go to, to get trained.

We realise, though, that although the principles of pool operation may be similar, there are differences in design, operation, and use of pools. That is why the PALM Academy Ltd has a whole range of qualifications to meet the needs of employers and operators across the whole sector, whether you’re from a major international competition pool, to a seasonal outdoor pool in a school; to a hotel leisure club; or a spa resort.

Qualifications are not ‘lost’ over time, but information can change, and that is why we require that knowledge to be updated every 3 years or less, in order to give operators the most current and relevant information that we can. There is even an “Achievement Register”, where employers can see which qualifications are held and when they were taken, by their prospective employees!

‘Click’ on the qualification of your choice, in the list on the left hand side of this page to find out all the details , and how to reserve your place.

The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy Ltd (PALM Academy), is a training provider accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group. This ensures that any training covers the most up-to-date recommendations and advise that the industry has issued.