Physical Activity and Leisure Management  Ltd.

Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy Ltd. (P.A.L.M) was created to offer something different for the active leisure industry. There are many 'qualifications' that can be taken to enhance one's career, but P.A.L.M. have combined high quality qualifications and training programmes, with a range of developmental and support seminars.

All of the Pool Plant Operations courses are based upon “Swimming Pool Water and Quality Standards” (the PWTAG Handbook), and comply fully with their swimming pool water quality standards".  The SMALL POOL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE and the SPA POOL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE are now endorsed by the only Institute that concerns itself wholly with the design, build and operation of swimming pools; the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers. This is yet another recognition by the industry, of the quality and relevance of the P.A.L.M. Academy products.

The P.A.L.M. Academy offers products that are delivered by specialist and experienced practitioners, not only as trainers, but also with a wealth  of operational and managerial knowledge and practice.

In this current climate of financial difficulties, structural changes, job insecurity and changing responsibilities, the ability to bring a level of skills to the workplace has never been more important. Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy has produced a range of certificated qualifications in swimming pool plant operations, as well as  first aid, food hygiene and supervisory management.

The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy programme of training and qualifications related to swimming pool water treatment, is now supported by our partners Sterling Hydrotech Ltd; one of the UK’s leading providers of pool plant, both in new installations and refurbishment projects.

“At last, the circle is closing”. A unique link between key providers in the commercial swimming pool market for the provision of comprehensive training packages for staff, following quality on site installations, refurbishments and service. A partnership formed between Sterling Hydrotech Ltd and the Physical Activity and Leisure Management Ltd to meet all your training and water treatment requirements.  Sterling Hydrotech provides a comprehensive range of equipment to create a cleaner, safer pool environment. They adopt a problem solving approach with an emphasis on specifically matching products and services to suit your particular requirements. Quality installations and refurbishments in line with PWTAG guidelines backed up with reliable service to provide solutions you can depend upon with confidence.

Additionally, The P.A.L.M. Academy now has many developmental and supportive seminars, including 'equality and diversity', 'programming reviews', 'teamwork', 'leadership' and 'customer service'.  It means that for the first time, employers can "mix and match" to produce their own INDUCTION PROGRAMME or DUTY MANAGERS PROGRAMME

View our Products pages to see exactly how The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy's Portfolio of  training can bring benefits to your organisation.  Most of the Portfolio has been written and composed by Carlton Associates (2003) Ltd, and is delivered by Mike Shuff of Carlton Associates, or any of the several training providers acknowledged as delivering at the highest standards.

You can contact Mike, to discuss any of the P.A.L.M. Academy products, or their delivery, on 07710 206945